We are a MERCURY FREE office

At Gossweiler Dentistry, we are concerned about your exposure to mercury. Mercury has long been known to be a neurotoxin and can be potentially harmful to some sensitive people. Three-fourths of people surveyed say they are unaware that “silver” fillings (also known as amalgam fillings) contain mercury. Current, independent, scientific research shows that mercury vapor, although it is bound to other metals and fillers, is released during and after the placement of mercury-containing dental fillings, as well as during the removal of these fillings. This is why we, along with 51% of all dentists in the United States, no longer use mercury-containing amalgam fillings. Other filling materials have been developed over recent years that can easily replace amalgam fillings while not exposing you to mercury vapors or elemental mercury.

If you are interested in finding out more about the options for alternative filling materials, we would be happy to have a consultation with you. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

If you would like more information on mercury in dental amalgam fillings, visit the IAOMT website at IAOMT.com.